The Optimus USB voice recorder has a small size that makes it easy to carry or place. These voice-activated recorders record information at 512 kbps, so you can be sure that you are recording with high audio quality. Optimus USB voice recorders feature a super-sensitive microphone, enabling them to record low sounds with clarity. To save you time searching for audio and recording space, this voice-activated recorder will only record sounds over 40dB.



- Recording time: 13-16 hours (depends on the battery life and operating environment)
- Storage support recording time: 8GB capacity to support about 36 hours
- Built-in 110MAH rechargeable lithium battery
- Charging time: 2-3 hours
- Compact size: 66.5x22x8.5mm
- Light Weight: 16 grams
- Record format: WAV
- Sampling rate: 16 kHz
- Bit rate: 512KBPS
- Voice-activated sound sensitivity: 40dB

Optimus Voice-Activated Recorders

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