Activate your tracker like you did the first time. Click on the "Activate Tracker" link on this website. You will need the tracker's imei number. You can also find the imei number on the cancelation confirmation email we sent you.
Log in to your account at
On the top menu click Account --> Manage Subscriptions --> Add new device.
Check the spam or junk folder in your email account. If you still cannot find it contact us since you may have misspelled your email address. If this is your second tracker, instructions will not be sent; we will only add the tracker to the current account.
To unsubscribe your GPS Tracker log in the tracking website, click the "account" option on the upper right corner, and then select "manage subscription". After you selected "manage accounts" select to either cancel "Unsubscribe and Remove Now"or "Unsubscribe at period end".
You can also let us know if you want us the cancel the subscription.
After activation you may want to allow for the sim card to activate on the cellphone company. This process usually takes a few minutes and rarely up to an hour.
Make sure the tracker is on and leave it outside or in a car. If you have the tracker inside a building the tracker may not get GPS signal even next to a window.
If you tried the previous suggestions, try using a different internet browser and also download our app “Optimus Tracking” on your cellphone.
It is also possible that in your area the celular signal the tracker uses to transmit is poor. A drive with the tracker may help it acquire a signal.
Contact us if you still have issues.

The tracker will send a position report every X number of seconds. These position reports are represented by icons on the map (arrows and dots). The red line that join these icons only show you the order of these icons and does not represent the path take by the tracker.


If you want a more detailed track of the path taken by the tracker then you can change the report frequency with the "send command" button and make the tracker report more frequently its position but at the expense of using more energy thus making the battery charge last a little less time.

GPS signal will always have a margin of error. With the best view to the sky a GPS enabled device will have an error of about 30 feet. This margin of error may be greater when the tracker is hidden in a vehicle.


It is normal to notice these drifting position reports with larger margins of error more while the tracker is parked for long periods of time, like when the tracker is parked overnight. The position report will become more precise when the tracker starts moving again.


The tracker will have a difficult time acquiring GPS signal indoors and in areas with tall buildings around.