Optimus GPS Tracking's diversified line of GPS Trackers and advanced platform allows you to track your company's fleet simply, reliably and efficiently.

View the real-time location of all your assets from one account or separate assets into separate accounts.

View the assets activity throughout the day including roads taken, parked locations, addresses, and more.

Be alerted by email, sms and push notification when the following events occur.

  • Speeding.
  • Harsh driving.
  • Tampering with the tracking device.
  • Exiting or entering a pre-defined area (Geofence).
  • Driving outside the authorized schedule.
  • Share a temporary secured location link of your vehicle.
  • Create Points of Interest and generate reports for when a vehicle visits each location.
The Gold Standard in Asset Protection

Report Options

  • Driving Report, Departure and Parking times with addresses, Distance, Moving and Parked duration, Miles per state.
  • Frequently visited locations (points of interest).
  • Maintenance reminders by distance or time driven.
  • Manage sub-user access to tracking information and restrict access to tools and features.
  • Create groups of assets on your account for convenient sharing with other sub-users, creating reports, and viewing on the map.
  • API access
Coverage in USA & Canada
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