• $12.95 per month - Cancel Anytime - No Contract - No Hidden Fees - Contact us for discounts on multiple trackers.
  • SIM Card and Data Plan Included
  • Service coverage limited to cellphone coverage in the USA and Canada.
  • Email and Text Message Alerts for speeding, leaving, or entering areas, tracker disconnected - 1 Year Tracking Historical Data Saved During Service
  • CE/FCC certified
  • View tracker on Google Maps with: Live Traffic, Street View

  • iPhone and Android App. Track on Computer, tablet, or cell phone browser

  • View current speed and direction

  • Reports for: Distance, Time moving, Parked Places

  • Internal battery for disconnection alert

  • This tracker does not read data from the OBD port to avoid any compatibility issues with your car.

  • Includes OBD Extension cable.


  • Quarterly Subscription plan: 5% Discount
  • Bi-Annual Subscription plan: 10% Discount
  • Annual Subscription plan: 15% Discount


The Optimus OBD port GPS tracker uses GPS for coordinate acquisition and cellular signal for position report transmission.

GPS signal may not be acquired if the car is parked indoors.

This GPS Tracker will only work in the USA.



Legal Disclaimer

By purchasing this product the customer agrees it is his or her responsibility to use the product and/or service in accordance to local, state and federal laws. Optimus GPS Tracking Corp will not be responsible in any way the customer uses this product and/or service. Optimus GPS Tracking Corp will not be responsible for any lost property, damages of any kind during the use of the product and/or service.
Car Easy Plug-in to OBD Port GPS Tracker with Extension Cable

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